I came to Omotesando! This time, there are no props as usual, and we will play a fastball! I'm just talking to a pretty girl! A woman who was finally caught while being avoided as a matter of course. She seems to have come to shop, and I wondered if she would be absent from work, but she was a full-time housewife! Even though he was a beautiful person, I was suddenly worried! When I arrived at the hotel and asked about my age, I was 33 years old! I thought it was about the latter half of 20 ... He seems to be paying attention to skin care and eating habits on a daily basis ... I see, the more I talk, the more the secret of beauty! However, it seems that the exercise is not so much. And it seems that this actor is quite her favorite. She married her older husband, but recently she seems to be interested in a younger man. She obviously has an act against herself, so she closes the distance at once, saying, I've been getting sick recently .... A married woman who is shy but is swept away by the atmosphere and is taken off more and more, erotic. Her body was completely pleased with her SEX after a long time, and her hips were jerky and she repeated cums many times. 表参道に来ました!今回はいつものような小道具などはなくド直球で勝負!ただただ可愛い女の子に声かけていきます!当然のように避けられまくる中、ようやく釣れたひとりの女性。お買い物に来たらしく、お仕事はお休みなのかなーと思いきや、まさかの専業主婦!ただでさえキレイな方だったのに俄然気になってきました!ホテルに着いて年齢を伺うと33歳!20後半くらいだと思ってました…。日頃からスキンケアや食生活に気を遣っているようで…なるほど、話せば話すほど美の秘訣が!しかし運動はあんまりしていないご様子です。そしてどうやらこの男優さんがけっこう彼女の好みらしい。年上の旦那と結婚したものの、最近は年下の男に興味が沸きつつあるようだ。明らかに自分に対して行為を持っているので「僕も最近体がなまっててー…」と一気に距離を詰める。照れつつも雰囲気に流されてどんどん脱がされていく人妻、エロい。久々のSEXに体はすっかり悦んでしまい、腰をガクガクさせて何度も絶頂を繰り返すのだった…。