The partner of this Gonzo is a half-night hospitality woman. The clothes are provocative and look like they don't bother men, but there aren't any specific men to live in. She says that everything is erotic, she is crazy about this with a chatter that seems to have a good rotation of her head while she is blunt. After enjoying the soft milk and devouring the sensitive body, I marked a beautiful face. As a bonus video, there is a self-portrait masturbation and a video without a blow job that you can stare at. 今回のハメ撮りの相手はハーフっぽい夜の接客業女性。服装も挑発的で男に困らなさそうなルックスをしていますが、享楽人生を歩むべく現在特定の男性はいないんだとか。全てはエロと言い放つ彼女、あっけらかんとしていながらも頭の回転がよさそうなしゃべりでこちらを夢中に。やわらかな乳を堪能し、感度の良い体を貪りつくした末にきれいな顔にマーキングするのでした。特典映像として自我撮りオナニー、見つめられるフェラ抜き動画有り。