Synopsis: In a valley with a lot of insistence, a transcendental beauty with an obscene ass and an absolute beauty aura that flickers left and right every time she walks I like to lick ♪ I will be a licking dog w Do not miss the licking SEX that licks every corner of the body of service MAX! !! あらすじ:かなり主張が激しい谷間に、歩くたびに卑猥に左右にフリフリするお尻と絶対的美女オーラ全開の超絶美女が「舐めるのが好き♪舐め犬になりますw」っと仰天応募してきた!ご奉仕MAXの身体を隅々まで舐め尽くすペロペロSEX見逃すな!!