The honor student who once held him for play came to play every day after school. It seems that wise school girls cannot suppress their excitement due to their sense of immorality. Today, I put on a jumper and hung around the outside. When I got home, my pants were full of stains. I'm growing up to be a bad child. When I hit my ass, I screamed happily. Seeing Anri ascending to the sky over and over again, she pushes a sadistic electric massage. Speaking of licking, licking, speaking of opening, opening, my obedient schoolgirl onapet. I wish I was pregnant and had to tell my parents. 一度遊びで抱いてやった優等生が放課後になると毎日遊びにくるようになった。 賢い女子校生は背徳感に興奮を抑えられないらしい。 今日はとびっこを装着させて外をつれまわしてやった。 家に着くとパンツはシミだらけだ。 順調に悪い子に育っているな。 尻を叩いてやるとうれしそうにヒィヒィ鳴きやがる。 何度も何度もとびっこで昇天するあんりを見てさらにサディスティックな電摩を押し当てる。 舐めろと言えば舐める、開けと言えば開く、俺の従順な女子校生オナペットだ。 妊娠して親御さんにバレなきゃいいけどな。