If there is a lady who is drawing a back option, infiltrate the famous Kabukicho reflation store on the net! The daughter who came is a huge breast girl who fears even the god ('ε `). "You can do other things ... hands and mouths ..." Busty-chan who suggests an adult back option! (〃 ▽ 〃) This is the decision to win or lose 裏オプ引いてる嬢がいるとネットで話題の歌舞伎町有名リフレ店に潜入!来た娘は神すら恐れる爆乳娘(´ε` )添い寝耳かきマッサージの定番も魔乳おっぱいが当たって興奮するが…それじゃ終わられないよな?「他にもできるよ…手とか口とか…」大人な裏オプほのめかしてくる巨乳ちゃん!(〃▽〃)これは成敗決定