A slender cute Anna is dressed as a cosplayer of a popular app game and challenges the popular series of this site, Woman who responds to instructions with no expression. At first, the soft instructions give a little extra expression, such as putting out the tongue and putting out the navel. However, her instructions escalate boldly and spread her pussy firmly. Do you feel it by being instructed? Anna's pussy is slightly moist. She is free to do whatever she wants, such as crawl on all fours and M-shaped spread legs, but her expression continues to penetrate her expressionlessness. A masked man approaching her. Beginning with ear blame, rub the boobs from behind. His nipples are already binging. Anna-chan who resists but is empty and endures with mojimoji. He takes out the electric massage machine and blames the whole body over the finger without hitting it directly. She blames the clitoris for one point when her pussy is moist. She shakes her legs jerky, and this time she is turned to the back of her and is hit directly by the electric massage machine, but the position of the electric massage machine is to anal! Anna who is sensitive ... スレンダーかわいいあんなちゃんが某人気アプリゲームのコスプレに扮して当サイトの人気シリーズ、「無表情で淡々と指示に応えるオンナ」に挑戦。ベロを出しなさい、おへそを出しなさいと最初はソフトな指示にちょっと余裕な表情。しかし指示は大胆にエスカレートしていき、おまんこをしっかりと広げてしまう。指示をされることによって感じてしまっているのかあんなちゃんのおまんこはほんのりしっとり。四つん這いやM字開脚など好き放題にされるが、彼女の表情は無表情を貫き続けており・・・。彼女に近寄る仮面の男。耳責めから始まり、後ろからおっぱいを揉み出す。乳首はもうすでにビンビン。抵抗をするも虚しく、もじもじと我慢するあんなちゃん。電マを取り出し、直接はあてずに振動を指越しに全身を責められていく。おまんこがしっとりした頃にクリトリスを一点責め。ガクガクと足をふるわせ、今度は後ろを向かされ、直接電マを当てられるも電マの位置はアナルへ!敏感になっているあんなちゃんは・・・。