Rina Shirakawa, a G-cup beauty busty, is in front of her husband and is recommended by someone other than her husband (brother-in-law) to say You! I'll lick it! Sexlessness is popular and frustration is maximal! The tide is also blowing and the SEX that is full of satisfaction is fascinated by the impotence husband! It is a chaotic erotic work that is full of tsukkomi and full of nuki. Recommended even if you don't like mature women! Gカップ美巨乳の白河里奈が旦那の目の前で、旦那さん以外の人(義弟)に勧められて「あなた!舐めるわよ!」といけない関係に!セックスレスが興じて欲求不満度もマックス!潮も吹きまくりでイキまくりの満足度満点なSEXをインポの旦那に魅せつける!ツッコミどころ満載、ヌキどころも満載でカオス的なエロ作品に仕上がってます。熟女好きではなくともお勧め!