The first photo taken today is Akari, 25, who is working for a company in Tokyo. A woman with beautiful black hair and a lovely smile. When I listened to the story, I was interested in what was so horny that I couldn't imagine it from a fresh look. 25-year-old Hana, whose sexual desire is so high that she can finish herself this morning. Checking her body immediately 本日初撮影の被写体は、都内で会社勤めをされている、あかりさん25歳。綺麗な黒髪が印象的で、笑顔が素敵な女性。話を聞いてみると、お淑やかな見た目からは想像できないほどエッチなことに興味津々のご様子。今朝もひとりで済ませちゃうぐらい、性欲も高まってきている華の25歳。そんな彼女の身体を早速チェックしてい